Friendship is one of the most special and beautiful relationship comes in every person’s life. We get many people some become our friends, best friends and some of them remains with us forever. And we should respect the friendship and should remain trustworthy with them forever so your friendship remains long lasting and pure. Old is gold and when we get new people in life we should not forget the old friends as old friendship will retain with you for life time. The old friendship quotes are available on the online portals present over web as these quotes are offering great opportunity to the individuals to express and share their feelings for friendship with their friends.

You can make your friends laugh and enjoy and remember the past moments you have spent together. You can also read the best funny alcohol quotes as this will also make you to laugh. Taking alcohol is not good for health and to make people understand the harmful effects of taking alcohol in funny way, you can use funny alcohol quotes. This quote will inspire the alcoholic person and make him to understand how to quit their habit of alcohol.

Such quotes are presented by the best people and famous personalities efficiently in easy and understandable language. This quote will help you in losing the habit of alcohol by getting inspiration from such quotes efficiently. Many individuals believe in god and want to learn more and more things about the god and the gifts given by god to them. You can also go through the pope john paul quotes to understand what is god want you to become. As this is the best way to understand the importance of gifts of god and you can get away from the bad habits and get involved in the good achievements provided by god to you.

So to get the best quotes of your likings and in the language you understand you can go online as there are several online portals are present over internet. You can get the best websites covering various topics to choose from. By reading quotes you can enjoy your life ahead and enjoy life in a fruitful approach.

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